CRAiLAR fibers are the first sustainable natural fibers with the potential to revolutionize the textile industry.

From the farms where the crops are grown to the mills where it’s spun into yarn, or formed into non-woven cloth, CRAiLAR fibers dramatically reduces chemical and water usage. In fact, the USDA designated CRAiLAR as a 100% BioPreferred® product in April 2012. From dirt to shirt, our environmentally friendly process produces fibers with properties similar to cotton while helping to prevent a cycle of environmental harm. What could feel more natural?

The Revolution

CRAiLAR is changing the world by reducing water and chemical usage, minimizing waste and emissions, and promoting sustainable business practices. Join the CRAiLAR revolution today!

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Our Process

CRAiLAR’s process puts a new spin on some of the world’s oldest textile crops, bringing bast fibers like flax and hemp into the present and paving the way for a sustainable future.

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Your Product

CRAiLAR Fibers are soft to the touch and easy on the earth, giving brands — and their customers — products that feel just right.

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