CRAiLAR Flax is the first sustainable natural fiber with the potential to revolutionize the textile industry.

From the farms where the flax is grown to the mills where it’s spun into yarn, CRAiLAR Flax Fiber drastically reduces chemical and water usage. In fact, CRAiLAR was designated as a 100% BioPreferred® product by the USDA in April 2012. That clean record from dirt to shirt concludes with fabrics that are indistinguishable from cotton, while helping to prevent a cycle of environmental harm. What could feel more natural?

The Revolution

CRAiLAR is changing the world we live in by reducing water and chemical usage, minimizing waste and emissions, and promoting sustainable business practices. Join the CRAiLAR Revolution today!

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CRAiLAR Flax is a hearty, fast-growing rotational crop that requires minimal pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and irrigation. Learn more about farming CRAiLAR Flax and how you can grow with us.

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Partner Brands

CRAiLAR unites environmental and economic vitality in a single all-natural solution. Find out which of the world’s biggest brands are using CRAiLAR Flax Fiber in their products.

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