Happy Earth Day!

22 April, 2015

We thought it would be nice to honor our Mother Earth by giving her a hug and a kiss, but as well, reflect and remind ourselves what we contributed to preserving our planet.  

CRAiLAR was founded on the notion and practice of sustainability.  We strive to create our fibers using methods which are lighter on the planet, while conserving precious resources like land and water.  At CRAiLAR, we are doing our best to limit harmful toxins and greenhouse gasses in our processes, as well as providing a product which itself biodegrades and can peacefully return to the planet.

Our journey is long, challenging, sometimes even frustrating, but definitely rewarding.  We know this will always be the case.  Earth Day is a perfect time for reflection on the past year, what we have accomplished as a team, as a company, and as an innovative, revolutionary product.

Even with our relatively small size, CRAiLAR has made a notable contribution to a healthier planet.  The numbers add up really fast!!

Since Earth Day 2014, CRAiLAR delivered just shy of 1.3 million kg of fiber.  That's over 2.8 million pounds.  While we are a new, but growing player in the fiber market, we think these contributions to the planet deserve a review.

Compared to conventional cotton, grown in North America, CRAiLAR Flax fiber conserved over 650 million gallons of water; saved the planet from the use of nearly 1 million pounds of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; and allowed over 2500 acres of arable land to be used for food production.  These savings will grow as we grow.

At CRAiLAR, we consider every day to be Earth Day as we focus on our goal of creating and supplying revolutionary, sustainable, biodegradeable products and innovations to the world.

Here's one of our favorite videos (thanks to the BBC and David Attenborough) to put this all into perspective. 

Happy Earth Day!

The CRAiLAR Team

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6 November, 2014

Brawny Industrial® FLAX Cloths

Very exciting times are upon us at CRAiLAR Technologies!  As long time followers of ours know, we started working with the engineering team at Georgia Pacific about 4 years ago.  That was when they realized that our sustainable alternative natural fiber, CRAiLAR® Flax, could help them to create a compostable, soft, strong and natural product which was a game changer.  The engineers wanted to create revolutionary products for businesses and consumers alike.

The game GP wanted to change, was industrial cloth and wipes.  Across the USA and around the world, industry, restaurants, services and the like, were either using cotton cloth "rags" (as they are commonly known) or using synthetic fiber based “disposables” which went to the landfill and simply did not perform well enough to finish the job at hand.  The product the team wanted to create was unlike anything existing.  It had to be 100% natural, 100% compostable, 100% sustainable, and let’s not forget, it still had to work.  It had to work really well, and better than every other product on the market.

Fast forward to today.  Over the past couple weeks, the GP National Sales Force and Distributors, received background and insight into both the Brawny® Dine-A-Cloth® FLAX Cloths and Brawny Industrial® FLAX Cloths .  Servicing the Industrial and Food Service industries, the compostable, soft, strong, natural CRAiLAR® Flax fibers have been transformed into 2 wholly unique, new product ranges housed within the Brawny family of products. 

The Big Scoop on the products, their performance, competitor comparisons and some super fun sizzle can be found on the Official GP website.  http://gppro.com/brand_brawnyindustrial_FLAX.aspx#tab1  (you will also be able to watch them in succession on YouTube).


Brawny® Dine-A-Cloth® FLAX Cloths 

Business owners and consumers alike, who want to make a sustainable difference, can order these groundbreaking new Brawny® FLAX products now through Grainger (www.grainger.com). They are available for immediate delivery (be sure to check availability in your area), but don’t wait too long! After the official introduction at the industry leading ISSA Show in Orlando, they'll be as scarce as an iPhone 6+!


Water Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

5 September, 2014

Guardian Sustainable Business hosted a live chat where experts discussed how the fashion industry is approaching water sustainability in the face of a changing climate and increasing competition over resources.  Global leaders, businesses, and organizations are currently working on the Sustainable Development Goals which will be agreed upon in collaboration with the UN next year.  With water being essential to cotton's cultivation, dyeing and finishing and water usage expected to increase rapidly in the coming years the fashion industry looks toward guiding water resource users towards sustainable management.  To read the full article please click here.  To learn more about Water Scarcity follow this link.  


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Outdoor Retail Show 2014 Spotlight: Solarpod

21 August, 2014


The Solarpod Buddy
 Our generation of smart phone users rely heavily on plug points.  When hiking or camping though, you can’t just plug your phone charger into the nearest fir tree, although, truth be told, there is a constant source of energy available to us in the great outdoors.  Solarpod's line of solar charged batteries offer a renewable energy source at an affordable price by harnessing the power of the sun.  
The solar charged batteries range in size and power.  The smallest is the Solarpod Buddy, pocket-sized and easy to carry everywhere, Solarpod Buddy carries 2 full mobile phone charges.  The next step up is the Solarpod 240, perfect for backup power at your home, office or as a mobile solar generator and for those of you wanting to get totally crazy there is the Solarpod 1k capable of powering a mini refrigerator for 36 hours.  Solarpod released their newest innovation the Solarpod Pyxis with Kickstarter.  The Pyxis is a USB chargeable battery pack that also has 3 intergrated solar panels.  Charge time at home is 4 hours, in the sun is 4.5 and with readily available energy the Pyxis promises to extend your battery life and allow smartphone users to take full advantage of all their smartphone has to offer.  Anyone that has tried to use location services while listening to their favorite playlist knows exactly what we are talking abbout.  Make sure to watch their Kickstarter video below.
The Solarpod Pyxis
Whether it’s camping overnight or wanting to be completely off the grid, the Solarpod offers a range of renewable energy sources while being light weight, with ultra slim solar cells and new batteries that hold a charge up to a year with only 15% degradation.  The sun can do some really remarkable things, it can charge your phone, run a mini fridge and even grow CRAiLAR’s flax fibre in the fields.  The more we use what Mother Nature has already provided for us, the closer we all get to becoming personal stewards for the earth.  

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Outdoor Retail Show 2014 Spotlight: Flowfold

18 August, 2014

As promised in our lastest blog post we would be featuring our personal highlights of this years Outdoor Retail Show.  Last week we featured the GoSun Stove and it's solar powered cooking capabilities.  Today, we are highlighting a company that started out with a few pieces of scrapped sail cloth and a Grandfather's failing leather wallet.

Peaks Island, referred to by locals as the Coney Island of Maine, is home to Flowfold and Flowfold's founder and creator, Chuck.  The first prototype was crafted after Chuck's Grandfather's leather wallet started falling apart.  As a teenager, Chuck worked sewing sailboat sails in Maine.  He took a few scraps from work and made the first Flowfold wallet, and since then, hundreds of prototypes have been made and put to the test. 
Flowfold's Taretero Design in the CRAiLAR Office!
Flowfold products are built with the same high tech racing sailcloths used by the world’s sailing elite. These cloths are composed of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or Polyester matrixes sandwiched between Mylar films. They are the toughest, lightest and most resilient cloths in the world due to their high tensile strength to weight ratios and ideal modulus of elasticities. The cloths used in Flowfold wallets are carefully drawn from scrap, blemish, and discontinued stock.
Flowfold offers three varieties for the heavy handed wallet user, all of which are lightweight, sweat resistant and ridiculously durable.  The Tarjetero wallet designed with a sleek outline for the minimalist in you, the Billfold, the original Flowfold for those who seek originality and the Trifold, able to fit all your plastic and paper needs while surviving a tsunami.
Today, Flowfold is an ecologically conscious lifestyle company that designs and manufactures products in Maine, USA.  Carry the Future with Flowfold and join their growing community of over 10,000 fans!

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